Lab Members


Colin Conine Ph.D.

Principle Investigator

Colin Conine is an Assistant Professor of Genetics and Pediatrics at the University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine and Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (Division of Neonatology), as well a a faculty member of the Penn Epigenetics Institute and Center for Research on Reproduction and Women's Health. Colin completed his Ph.D. in the laboratory of Craig Mello at UMass Medical School where he worked on the function of endogenous small RNA pathways regulating thermotolerant male fertility in C. elegans. Colin went on to complete his postdoctoral training in Oliver Rando’s lab also at UMass Medical where he was a Helen Hay Whitney Postdoctoral Fellow. During this time he demonstrated that sperm transmitted small RNAs in mice are able to regulate embryonic gene expression and development in offspring. In the process he found that small RNAs are shipped from the epididymis to maturing sperm via exosomes, establishing a novel soma-to-germline transfer of epigenetic information in mammals


Olivia Crocker 

Research Technician

Olivia Crocker is a recent graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, where she completed a Bachelor of Arts in Biology with a concentration in Cell and Molecular Biology in 2020. During her undergraduate tenure at Penn, she conducted research in the Joyce Lab and gained an interest in the epigenetic regulation of the Drosophila melanogaster genome. Her previous research projects in the Joyce Lab included an investigation of factors that impact heterochromatin clustering and the role of condensin II in modulating translocation frequency. She ultimately hopes to pursue a biomedical PhD and continue her investigation of epigenetic phenomenon. In her free time, she enjoys reading, spending time outdoors, and visiting art museums and restaurants around Philadelphia.

Rachel Bartlett is a recent graduate of The Pennsylvania State University where she completed her Bachelor of Science in Biology with a concentration in Genetics in 2020. While at Penn State she conducted research in the Kamen Lab in the Department of Biobehavioral Health which focused heavily on the addiction of drugs and alcohol in mice. She received an Ericson Grant and conducted an independent study on The Influence of Adolescent Social Stress on Opioids. Her ultimate goal is to become a Genetic Counselor and have a specialty in Neonatology. In her free time she likes to cook, ski, and travel as much as she can.


Rachel Bartlett

Research Technician